My first blog

I’ve seen and heard of plenty of blogs before, and have wanted to start one for a while. Never really thought I had much to say or share with everyone, but after a while and discussing with a good friend, I thought, why not? So onto the topic for my first post on the endless space of the world wide web…

People underestimating themselves. Why do we all do it, a famous person once said (I don’t know who), friends will always know you better than you can know yourself. I can see where that came from, most of us see ourselves as a lesser version of who we really are! of course there are exceptions, but most of us think we are less attractive, intelligent, charismatic, etc. than we really are, and its just silly! Why do we do it to ourselves? If we had more confidence in ourselves, or knew more about ourselves, then we could do so much more!

One of my very good friends mocks me about how the only books I really read are factual, or development books. I don’t know why I read them more than fiction, maybe it’s because I want to be better than I am now, maybe I want to be the person my friends say I am, maybe it’s to get the job I want, or maybe it’s to try and find my place in life. Whatever the reason, I have been told today that I simply underestimate myself, as we all do, its part of being a human almost I think!

Anyway, that’s one of my thoughts of the day, and have plenty of ideas of things to write about as a brain dump!